De Kievitshoeve

De Kievitshoeve

More than a century ago farmer Peerke van de Staak established a pub miles from the city centre of Tilburg. A hundred year later this establishment is now called 'Reeshof's Livingroom' after the surrounding estate. Some of the main courses sound a bit pretentious like the caramelized duck breast and Iberico pork roulaux (rolls) and the chef hasn't put much effort into the kids' menu. Unfortunately, the staff aren't very capable either and our food was served lukewarm. All told, in spite of its excellent location, the beautiful building and terrace, this place could use some improvement.

(€18 - 22)

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Open 11:00 - 24:00.



Nijkerkstraat 1


(+31) 135 70 51 05


Restaurant Outside seating Child-friendly

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