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By Bus
The Central Bus Station is located at Kolontayevskoi 58. The station is currently undergoing repairs scheduled to be completed…well, no one knows for sure, but not soon. Despite the mess, it continues to function and the bus you need will most likely arrive to or depart from the central station. Bus schedules, ticketing booths (каса) and an information bureau are available. All information is in Russian only, but don’t be afraid to express yourself in English. Odesians, especially those who speak English, enjoy coming to the aid of disoriented travellers. For information on existing routes and routing status visit the bus system’s website www.bus.com.ua (in Russian only). You can also order tickets to routes designated with a red tick. If you choose to order online, don’t forget to specify desired destination.

By Car
When entering the country by car, foreigners are required to sign a document at the border swearing that they will bring the car out of the country before a certain date. Foreign cars are allowed on Ukrainian soil for a maximum of two months. This document should be carried along with your driver’s license and your car’s registration papers at all times. Automobile insurance is obligatory in Ukraine. It may be possible to buy green card insurance valid for Ukraine in your home country to avoid problems - if not you must purchase it from the Ukrainian state company at the border.

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