Willem II Statue

Willem II Statue

The municipality of Tilburg bought this statue in 1924 from The Hague and gave it a prominent place on De Heuvel. The statue represents King William II as commander-in-chief of the army. On the pedestal beneath the royal there are four figures. The woman with a crown and sceptre represents the monarchy. To her right sits Law. On the backside there is Prosperity, complete with the Horn of Plenty and coins. The last figure originally held a palladium, a figurine of the deity of ancient Troy. This refers to the role of William II as patron of the Netherlands. On the right side of the pedestal is a lion with a sword between his front paws, which represents the battles in which William II took part.

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Willem II Statue Comments

  • Our former King played an important role in the history of Tilburg with his name given to the local footbal team the palace and this lovely statue. Make sure you don't leave town without having done a bit of homework about this beloved Dutch royalty.




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