Hoog Brabant

Hoog Brabant
In the middle of Hoog Catarijne you'll find this indoor shopping centre's largest terrace. Hoog Brabant is extremely popular with elderly shoppers who don't seem to mind the snack bar style surroundings, but bear in mind that if you want to join them inside, you'll have to pay for the expensive lunch buffet. Fortunately, you can also enjoy a simple cheese sandwich, which for some reason is called an HB Health Sandwich here, sitting on a cheap camping chair. As far as drinks are concerned, Hoog Brabant is a bit more generous. Sip wine from a glass the size of a cowbell or tea from a cup that would make a decent fish bowl.

(€6 - 10)

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Open 10:00-18:00, Mon 11:30-18:00, Thu 10:00-18:30.


Radboudkwartier 23


(+31) 302 33 15 25



Credit Cards Restaurant City centre location Outside seating Facilities for disabled Child-friendly Smoking place Non-smoking

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