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The Dutch lack a haute cuisine of their own and consequently rely on the rest of the world for tasty food. Utrecht is no exception and it offers a wide array of ethnic restaurants and eateries for all palates. It is, however, also known for its pubs where you can devour a steak for only €10. Of course, in a student town like Utrecht you can still eat on the cheap, but the past few years have given rise to a new trend: exclusive, upmarket restaurants. Drieharingenstraat is the place to go for a culinary treat. If you'd like to dine in style on quality food for affordable prices you won’t be disappointed.

This is the Netherlands, after all, where people demand the best for the smallest price possible.

In Your Pocket staff undertake the strenuous task of selecting, among hundreds of establishments, those that truly respect their patrons and take their business seriously, whether they are humble French fries joints or sophisticated Michelin-starred restaurants. And with so many establishments to choose from, we hope that our guide serves as the solution to what can be an overwhelming question: What's for dinner? 
Tipping is up to the diner, with 10% or a rounding up of the bill both being acceptable, especially if you thought your evening out was exceptional. Prices listed in parentheses indicate the average price of a main course.

Your experiences are always appreciated. Please post your own review on our website or email us at utrecht@inyourpocket.com.

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