Museum Dirkje Kuik

Museum Dirkje Kuik
Many foreign sports fans will doubtlessly know the name Dirk Kuijt. This all-round Besiktas footballer and ex-FC Utrecht player does, unfortunately, not (yet) have his own museum. Dirkje Kuik, however, does. Take a step back in time and let yourself be amazed by this impressive woman, who began her life as a man. A writer and visual artist, she was born William Kuik on 7 October 1929. But at an early age he discovered that he was trapped in the wrong body. In 1981 when sex changes were in their infancy and the subject was still taboo, William had surgery in a hospital in London, after which he changed his name to Dirkje. Enter the living room of this museum and it seems as though Dirkje has just run out to the grocery for some milk. Newspaper clippings, books and drawings are all scattered across the table untouched, as though she might return at any moment. Sadly, this is impossible because the courageous woman passed away in March 2008. A private admirer converted her former home and atelier into the museum you now see.

Admission: free.

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Museum Dirkje Kuik Comments

  • Thank you for this review. I visited this house-museum and thought it was quite unique, just as the character of Dirkje.


Open 11:00-17:00, Sat, Sun 12:00-17:00. Closed Mon.


Oude Kamp 1


(+31) 302 32 80 65


City centre location Child-friendly Non-smoking No Credit cards

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