De Haar Castle

De Haar Castle
Just outside the boundaries of Utrecht, you'll find this magnificent, centuries-old building, which is the ultimate fairytale castle. All children will experience the magic of knights and princesses at De Haar Castle. After a tour, the kids can watch the deer in the park or take advantage of the exciting maze or even a  treasure hunt through the park. The guided tour is only available in English on Sundays.

Opening times vary nearly every day in winter. See website for exact times. Admission: adults 12.50, children €9 (under 3 free).

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De Haar Castle Comments

  • Without a doubt the most fairytale castle of Holland? Why don't these guys advertise anywhere? I'm sure many more tourists wanna enjoy this scenic castle and its green surroundings. Make also sure that you have enough time to enjoy the parc as well as the interior.
  • This castle is anything you imagine what a castle should be like. And even more. Unluckily, we don't have this kind of buildings in America and you in Europe have way too many. Talking about unjustice... Take your time to see De Haar: you'll need it. And don't forget the beautiful gardens!


Kasteellaan 1, Haarzuilens


(+31) 306 77 85 15


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