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Zurich City Guide

Zurich City Guide

One of Zurich’s landmarks has just been scrapped! No, the Grossmünster cathedral is still there and so is the hall of the railway station, but the huge rusty dockside crane on Limmatquai has disappeared. Gone to the junk yard. Ok, as a temporary art installation it was only there for 9 months but we had gotten so used to it! Just looking at it you felt the pull of the big wide world out there and you could almost smell the sea air and hear the ocean waves.But as some were not quite so taken with this art project, there was no question of prolonging its stay.

Luckily, the rest of Zurich is still here. The crane was the city’s most conspicuous piece of art, but Zurich is full of art, with several excellent art collections and dozens of galleries. And of course there is the lake and Uetliberg mountain which are aesthetic experiences in their own right. If you’re not here for art – don’t worry. Zurich is also brimming with boutiques, clubs, bars and restaurants run by people who know how to make their place special. But then, isn’t a carefully crafted meal a work of art too?

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