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Zurich City Guide

Zurich City Guide
Cows are pretty important around here. Switzerland produces over 400kg of cow's milk per capita per year – one of the highest values in Europe. But it's more than the numbers – cows on alpine meadows, huge wheels of cheese and gnarly farmers are all part of the Swiss national myth. Even if most of the milk comes from modern farms in the lowlands.

The Toni dairy factory in Zurich's north used to process up to 1 million litres of milk a day. This concrete giant was given up long ago, but it wasn't torn down and now it produces – art. It has recently been transformed into the city's new University of the Arts, which also hosts many concerts and performances. Our feature on here has more.

If you do want to try some of those dairy products, a very seasonal way of enjoying Swiss cheese is melted – as raclette or fondue. Either at a restaurant or combined with another winter activity. The city's Christmas markets always have a stand which sells raclette and ice skating and fondue is combination which has also caught on. But it's not only cheese lovers we cater for. For this issue we also tested the burgers at the Holy Cow, Roman cuisine and some oriental mezzes. They taste good without even a drop of milk.

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