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Zurich City Guide

Zurich City Guide
Zurich chases winter away with the Sechseläuten celebration which is coming up in April, but this guild tradition with its parades and costumes tends to divide locals. For some it gives Zurich something unique which other cities lack, for others it’s a stuff y old show put on by intransparent boys’ clubs.

Another controversial topic is the recent Swiss vote to limit immigration from EU countries which created an echo in the press across Europe. A large majority (65%) of Zurich’s citizens opposed the proposal, but it’s still the hot topic of debate at the moment.

But very local issues can be just as touchy. Just in front of the opera house a new town square has appeared, the Sechseläutenplatz. The construction plan included the reduction of the adjacent road by one lane – scandalous, some cried! The plan led to heated media debate and several court cases, dividing Zurich citizens again. Some were fiercely in favour, some were strictly opposed, and some just hoped the hotheads would calm down.

So there is not just one Zurich, there are many Zurichs. Zurich In Your Pocket can help you find one you like! (And if you’re here for Sechseläuten, go and see it anyway, it’s quite a spectacle.)

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