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Zurich City Guide

Zurich City Guide
Complaining about the lack of affordable flats for rent is a mainstay of cocktail-party conversation in Zurich – and now statistics recently said the proportion of empty flats in the city had doubled! But the joy in Zurich was short-lived, as most of the available flats are in the luxury price range. Fine if you’re a bank manager!

Obviously many real estate developers have been building solely for the top-most market segment, but at least one residential development in Zurich has been far more imaginative. The new Kalkbreite is an urban development that aims to be eco-friendly, socially innovative and admittedly a bit trendy – but also affordable for lots of different kinds of people. We like it. We’ve actually done a whole feature on it!

Another exciting new construction in Zurich is an old dairy factory – and it’s much bigger than Kalkbreite. This industrial hulk has been totally transformed to house all the city’s art schools, with over 1500 rooms for 5000 students – whether they’re into industrial design, ballet, animation film or classical piano. The museum of design is now also there – definitely worth a visit.

So yes, there are a few new reasons to visit Zurich! And you know what to talk about at that cocktail party.

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