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Zurich City Guide

Zurich City Guide© Zurich Tourism
Summer finally seems to have arrived in Zurich! Life in the city is busily moving outdoors – restaurants have swept their gardens, open-air bars are ready to go, and the swimming spots on the lake and river are coming to life.

Zurich’s outdoors has seen two major changes recently. One is the dockside crane, the Hafenkran, a rusty maritime giant which is the most controversial piece of art in the public sphere Zurich has seen in a long time. The other is the new Sechseläutenplatz, the first square in Zurich which really feels like a true city square, open, spacious, elegant and urban. Both bring a scent of the big wide world to Zurich, whether it’s an impression of French urbanity or a dream of the great deep-sea ports of Germany and the seven seas beyond. We are thrilled!

For another encounter with far-away places you just have to find a big screen – the football world cup will be bringing the excitement of the big game and a bit of Brazilian verve to Zurich. There will be lots of bigger and smaller places to join in the drama (find the best ones here)!

So between Brazilian vibes, Baltic cranes, urban squares and the Mediterranean feel of Zurich’s outdoor cafés and bars – why would you want to be anywhere else?

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