Tirana In Your Pocket

Tirana, by far Europe's quirkiest capital city, has changed at breakneck speed since we started publishing this guidebook in 2001. The city centre would be completely unrecognisable to someone beamed up from the early 1990s; buildings and skyscrapers in various stages of lingering construction or early decay pepper the city, with more planned - and there's even a bike rental scheme nowadays.

Foreign visitors can look forward to a vibrant restaurant scene with several new high-quality options. Tirana has also recently been enriched with several excellent boutique hotels, while accommodation prices on the whole have not risen much.

The renovated National Art Gallery, the new Postblloku memorial on the main boulevard (depicted on the front cover) and the spruced-up Grand Park are all additional reasons to visit Tirana. 

Good news for mobile phone users; Tirana In Your Pocket's free mobile version is now available at http://m.inyourpocket.com/albania/tirana; this has the full content of the print guide linked to interactive maps – and you're welcome to rate or comment on our reviews too. Your feedback is as always welcome at tirana@inyourpocket.com. 

Enjoy Tirana. 

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