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Vienna In Your Pocket city guide

Vienna In Your Pocket city guide
In high summer, Vienna is simply one of the best European cities to visit. Few other places have so much culture and history in such a compact city centre, with excellent food and drinks to boot. And then in summer, it all comes alive with international visitors, festivals, locals lazing in the parks and boats taking to the water. What's more, Vienna has plenty of easy excursions to the villages, vineyards and hills within or just beyond the city borders.

This summer, we'd suggest heading to Vienna's beautiful churches and music halls for a classical concert – various programmes are on offer, allowing you to enjoy classical highlights or slightly more demanding music in fabulous surroundings. Our events calendar lists a number of options.

If it rains or if all the sunlight is simply too much, head to one of Vienna's excellent museums; apart from the permanent collections, a great selection of special exhibitions is on at the moment, several of them relating to the 100th anniversary of World War 1.

Whatever you do this summer, let us know about your tips, comments and exploits at Enjoy Vienna.

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