While Vienna is certainly not a biking city such as Copenhagen or Berlin, its cycling infrastructure has improved over the past years. The new city-government just announced plans to bring up the raise the share of bicycles in overall traffic to eight percent. A smart move since bicycles will get you from A to B quicker than anything else in the city. They have many advantages over cars. Environmentally friendly (no exhaust fumes, no noise) they are a good way of keeping fit as well. They require little space so traffic jams are never a problem. No need to look out for parking space either. A bicycle-friendly atmosphere is to help make bicycles an everyday means of transport. The bicycle path network is more than 1,050 kilometres long. Bicycles are allowed on the underground from 9 am to 3 pm and after 6 pm on weekdays, and all day Saturday and Sunday. Half-price tickets at EUR 0.90 each are required for transportation. The Citybike is a public bike rental system that allows you to visit Vienna’s sights by bicycle at your convenience. The Citybikes may be rented out and returned at any of the public rental stations in Vienna. Information about how many bicycles are available at which stations can be obtained at the terminals and on the Internet.

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