Mango Bar

Mango Bar
Mango Bar is a gay bar where the size of the two rooms dictates the need to rub shoulders – and if you're lucky other body parts too – with fellow patrons. The music is generally remixed pop hits and dance music, and the bartenders are always attractive. A good place for anyone who wants to see just where the night can go.

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Mango Bar Comments

  • best place xd too me ű
  • I visited there frequently with my now husband back when Erik worked there as the head bartender. Wonderful guy but seems to have vanished. Place it a great start off for a fun night out on the town. Vienna is my favourite place in the world...especially at Christmas time!


Open 21:00–04:00.


Laimgrubengasse 3


+43 1 920 47 14


Public transport:

Kettenbrückengasse View in

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