Feuerwehr Wagner

Feuerwehr Wagner
Since 1683 this Heuriger has been serving homemade wines and traditional Austrian food, surrounded by vineyards. In winter, the tiled stoves provide solace from the frigid weather. Take a tour of their wine cellar, but make a reservation beforehand. Take bus N°38A from Heiligenstadt metro station.

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Feuerwehr Wagner Comments

  • This has been my favorite Heuriger since 1987. It looks and feels like something out of pre-war yesteryear. Absolutely idyllic out in the garden on a warm summer's evening. In the winter the maze of corridors and tables offer a cozy atmosphere. The food menu is still somewhat limited, but the atmosphere cannot be beat. I don't recall the waitresses knowing much English, but there's only the wine or mineral water to order. Lots of fatty pig's knuckle, rye bread and home made cheeses to accompany the wine. Careful, as this combination can be digestively deadly later in the evening.


Open 16:00 – 24:00.


Grinzingerstrasse 53


+43 1 320 24 42


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