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On the city’s roads

As a result of a surprisingly small number of bridges, a bypass under construction, and the fact that a motorway runs almost through the centre of the city, there are no classic peak traffic periods, but instead, there are traffic jams on major interchanges almost all the day round. Belgraders as a rule drive fast and change lanes abruptly without signalling, and they do not suffer slower drivers gladly.

A yellow line which marks the rightmost lane actually means the lane is reserved for public transport and taxis. Do not come too close to the curb, because some mysterious bandits seem to be operating outside the city centre and targeting manhole lids, so you run the risk of your tyre hitting the hole. In summary, if you have little penchant for the Dakar Rally experience, you have better abandon the idea of driving round Belgrade. After all, the best way to get to know a city is on foot.

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