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What a glorious Berlin summer it already is. It's no longer freezing, the parks are full of beer-swigging hedonists, the municipality is still too underfunded to interfere and ruin the fun on the streets, and we still have a few months of this to go.

One excellent festival that seems to combine all that is good about summer takes place annually on 21 June; the Fête de la Musique midsummer music festival takes over the streets, bars and clubs of the city for one day, with dozens of stages and scores of bands playing music all day and night long – and it's free. See our Berlin events listings for all events.

The sports action in Berlin is winding down for the summer, but the basketballers of Alba still have a chance to make an impression in the BBL league, with a good chance of participating in the finals in early to mid-June; see the sports pages for details.

If you're more of a DIY sporting type, head to our golf feature to see where you might whack a ball into the rough near Berlin.

Whatever you do this summer, do write in to tell us about your experiences, tips and complaints, at

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Berlin is regularly mentioned as Europe's party capital, and there are dozens of great clubs - from techno to indie - that attract thousands of partygoers each weekend. To make sense of the multitude of options, visit our (German-language) partner website, which has photos, reviews and other information about Berlin's vibrant nightlife scene.

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