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As the 2015/2016 sporting season winds down – with some Berlin teams clear winners , others clear losers – the weather and cultural scene are just gearing up for another busy tourism season. The events calendar is crammed with memorable concerts and exhibitions, with the Martin-Gropius-Bau displaying some exceptional works by artist Isa Genzken and photographer Lee Miller.

Berlin is still a city in motion, nerve quite finished, and the city centre is still the scene of huge building projects as it has been for decades now and the Stadtpalast reconstruction is coming along nicely... but no, the much-delayed airport isn't going to open up anytime soon.

Whatever you do this spring, remember to go sit in a park at some point - and let us know your tips and comments at Enjoy Berlin.

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Berlin is regularly mentioned as Europe's party capital, and there are dozens of great clubs - from techno to indie - that attract thousands of partygoers each weekend. To make sense of the multitude of options, visit our (German-language) partner website, which has photos, reviews and other information about Berlin's vibrant nightlife scene.

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