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Cycling in Bohinj

Cycling is just one of the many active offerings of Bohinj and Triglav National Park. Be it road riding through quaint alpine villages, or exploration of the wilderness off the beaten track, there is a large area of outstanding beauty to be discovered.
We have chosen some of the most popular routes for cyclists and tourists, but of course there are many more to be seen at the Tourist Information Centres in Bohinjska Bistrica and Ribčev Laz (near the lake). 

Tourist information

Sights Around Bohinj

Bohinjski Sir

The Bohinj region has a long and rich history in the dairy industry stretching back to the 13th century. The ring of cow bells across the pastures can still be heard today as local alpine herdsmen continue this tradition, producing award-winning dairy products with Bohinj cheeses being some of the best in the country. Ask at local restaurants about the delicious fresh cottage cheese ‘skuta’ as well as the EU recognised local specialty Mohant - an interesting semi-soft cow’s milk cheese with a strong sharp flavour. Local dairies also produce an excellent Emmentaler style cheese known in Slovenia simply as Bohinjski Sir. Bohinj cheeses can be found in shops throughout Slovenia but if you’re in the area it’s worth dropping by the dairy for the freshest products. Bohinj’s dairy culture is celebrated annually at the traditional Kravji Bal festival, where herdsmen parade their dairy queens through town - the festival is a cultural experience not to be missed.