Tallinn In Your Pocket


The city’s foliage has seemingly been painted rich hues of gold, crimson, ochre and Sauvignon Blanc, layers of clothing are slowly being added on top of svelte frames and a bounty of fairytale-like mushrooms are popping up everywhere - autumn has arrived in Tallinn and the Old Town looks splendid.

Now that summer is over, one would think that there’s a lot less going on in this city of just over 400,000, but nothing could be further from the truth.

There are still loads of activities on the cultural calendar and although we didn’t have space to list them all, we’re sure that at least one of the events we did mention is bound to catch your attention.

Regardless of why you have made Tallinn a destination, it is a wonderful city - brimming with history, fascinating tales and quite a lot of fantastic medieval architecture. It’s because of this that Tallinn was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1997 and to this day it remains one of the most intact medieval cities in Europe.


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