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Tallinn certainly has its charm any time of year, during summer months however the city truly becomes alive. The many terraces are filled with a certain bustle, locals and visitors alike enjoy cold beverages while basking in the long awaited sunshine and naturally the heavy winter clothes give way to much more appealing apparel options.

The natural draw of Tallinn and definitely the main reason people visit is the medieval Old Town and her historic beauty. That being said, there are so many other reasons to spend a little time in this gem of a city. From the sandy beaches to the green parks, the blossoming gardens of Kadriorg, the bohemian district of Kalamaja and the Rocca al Mare area, home to the Tallinn Zoo, the Open Air Museum and a large shopping centre - Tallinn has certainly become much more than a former Hanseatic town.

Just north of the city you’ll also find the quaint Viimsi area - brimming with nature and a relaxed personality all its own.

Whatever brings you to Tallinn or its surroundings, we’re sure that you’ll leave with many wonderful memories.

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