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Winter is officially upon us! But hey, that’s not such a horrible thing in Tallinn. The medieval cobblestones are tucked under a snowy blanket, the warm glow of the shop windows radiate out onto the romantic streets and although the majority of the city’s residents are bundled up quite snugly against the winter chill, you’ll still find quite a few stiletto-toting, physics defying fashionistas out and about.

If you’ve come to Tallinn over the holidays, you’ll also get to enjoy the Christmas market, having been previously chosen as one of the top Christmas markets in Europe by the “Times Online” and “The Daily Telegraph”.  Read more about it on page 14.

The natural draw of Tallinn and definitely the main reason people visit is the medieval Old Town and her historic beauty. That being said, there are so many other reasons to spend a little time in this gem of a city. Read about the bohemian district of Kalamaja, home to multitude of art shops and great eateries on page 19. Or the quaint Viimsi area just north of the city - brimming with nature and a relaxed personality all its own, see page 33.

Wishing you all a pleasant holiday and a Happy New Year!

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