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Tallinn In Your Pocket

Spring has arrived in Tallinn and it’s certainly a welcome change for locals and visitors alike.

The birds are chirping, the flowers are popping up and everyone’s feeling rather chipper. Restaurants in the centre are already putting chairs and tables out on the sidewalks and the city’s lovely ladies are also dressing the part.

Always looking for ways to improve and bring more exciting things to explore for our reader, we’ve put together a feature on the picturesque Viimsi area - located just a short distance to the north-east of Tallinn. You can read more about it and compelling reasons to visit on p. 31.

We also have a feature on the Rocca al Mare area of Tallinn, home to the zoo, the open air museum, some great shopping and more. Read more on p. 26.

Naturally we still have a jam-packed guide filled with all the newest restaurants and old favourites, as well as a great events list to make your stay more enjoyable.

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