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Tallinn In Your Pocket

Although we had a bit of a slow start this year, overall it’s been a warm and sun-filled summer here in Tallinn. The miniskirts are shimmying down the cobblestone streets, beer and wine glasses are piling up on the patio tables and the beaches continue to be one of the hottest destinations for both locals and tourists alike. Turn to Active Tallinn to choose your beach destination.

If watching the tanned, oiled bodies at the beach or jumping into the sea really isn’t your thing naturally you can also check out the green spaces of Kadriorg, the bohemian destination of Kalamaja, or the fantastic natural wonders of the Viimsi area just north of Tallinn.

Of course, Tallinn is so much more than green spaces, palaces, beaches and beer glasses, but you’ll have to find that out for yourself. Naturally we’ll be there to help you in the form of this handy little guide, so grab that camera put Tallinn in your pocket and hit the paths, the streets or whichever surface your feet prefer and discover what this historic city has to offer.

Our Tallinn Highlights

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