Kalamaja & Kopli area eateries

This historic wooden-house/industrial/port area of Tallinn has experienced a breath of new life in the last couple of years. What was once home to many derelict buildings, drunks and primarily working class residents - Kalamaja and Kopli were considered by most Talliners to be the ‘seedy’ districts of town. The artists then moved in drawn by the cheap rent and large spaces, the hipsters soon followed and finally some great restaurants and cafés started popping up en masse. Filled with history, interesting architecture, an increasing number of boutiques, artsy shops and its proximity to Old Town - this area is certainly worth a visit, as are most of the eateries to be found here. See  are F/G 1-2 on the map.

Tallinn » Restaurants » Kalamaja & Kopli area eateries

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