Villa Thai

Villa Thai
A well-established favourite in the Kadriorg district just outside the city centre, the Villa is a quiet, comfortable affair. Sit with the ceramic elephants and drapery of the dining room or head to the bamboo-filled atrium with its gurgling fountain. Interestingly, the menu goes well beyond Thailand, encompassing Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian and Tandoor dishes. Some dishes are on the heavy side. We liked the fish cakes.


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Villa Thai Comments

  • This was our second visit to Villa Thai, the first was 3 years ago and again tonight, July 19th, 2010. Unfortunately, the food failed miserably on both visits. The unusual mixed decor is the highlight of this restaurant. The chicken wings are a tasteless mess of strange sauce and were obviously frozen. The vegetable spring rolls and chili sauce were the highlight of the evening, while the previously frozen prawns in pepper garlic sauce tasted like boiled shrimp with some cheap bottled and awful sauce poured on top. The rice noodles with chicken and shrimp was just horrific and without any flavor at all, not to mention the worlds tiniest shrimp.The service was good, our waitress was polite and spoke English which was nice as we are a half Estonian, half American couple. The starters were of good size, however, the main dishes were seriously undersized.If you wish to have drinks and a starter course, this place might work if your food expectations are low and you can enjoy the decor. However, if you want a good quality meal, do not waste your time at Villa Thai. Having been to Thailand many times and eaten excellent Thai cuisine worldwide ..... we can not recommend this restaurant. We believe that any talented and creative chef can put out good quality food, clearly this is not the case here. Personally, I would like to talk with the owner of Villa Thai and ask them why their food is so awful and have they ever eaten it. Save your hard earned money and eat at home, where you will get a good meal.


Open 12:00 - 23:00.


J. Vilmsi 6


(+372) 641 93 47


Wi-fi Takeaway Facilities for disabled Child-friendly

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