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  • Hmmmm. I was in Tallinn and had a good time! Learned more about sea mines (anti-shipping mines) than I knew existed at the Mine Museum, and rented a great bike, drank a whole bunch of really good and cold draft beer, and bought a World War II Nazi German helmet for what the previous poster's panties cost! Beautiful women! Cold draft beer! War souvenirs! I love the place!
  • Estonian staff are infamous for their chilly rudeness. They are not very attentive let alone pleasant to the customers. And from what Katerina wrote one must conclude that they don't even play by normal European retail business rules if they don't accept returns and don't refund the money. Numerous people have complained that staff at Tallinn's restaurants and shops are very aloof, rude, and even hostile towards customers who have complaints. And the quality of service or attention is icy at best! Definitely not European or North American standards there.
  • Be very careful! My bf went to this store while visiting Tallinn and bought a lingerie set that I already had, and they would not give him a refund despite him going back there the very same day! The underwear he bought weren't cheap ($300+) and they never returned his money and were quite rude to both of us. In general, the staff is quite aloof and unhelpful. They hang up phones and are unpleasant. It's a nice store, but two pieces of advice 1. Stay away from the scary staff 2. Make sure to buy something that you don't have/fits perfectly!


Open 11:00 - 19:00, Sun 11:00 - 16:00.
Also at: H-2, Pärnu mnt 38, tel 646 60 01. Open 11:00 - 19:00, closed Sun.


Viru 17


(+372) 644 68 76

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