Central Market (Keskturg)

A popular destination for fresh food items. Also has clothing and other assorted 'treasures'. Take tram N°2 or N°4 from the centre towards Ülemiste, make sure to get off at the Keskturg stop.

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Central Market (Keskturg) Comments

  • We usually go to the central market when we are looking for food to buy home. The meat there is much more affordable than in for example Finland. Surely they sell everything that any market would but at least the vegetables should be close by produced. Go there if you are by car and for example just passing Tallinn to get to your cabin further south from Tallinn. It's a good spot to stock up your car with food, meat etc that you will need the coming week. There is not really anything for a backpacker tourist to see or buy.


Open 07:00 - 17:00.


Keldrimäe 9


(+372) 660 63 04
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