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Berlin In Your Pocket city guide

Berlin In Your Pocket city guide
After a mild winter, it's time for Berliners and their visitors to head outdoors again. The city's bars will regret the drop in income, but the cheap beers and booze sold at the ubiquitous Späti late-night shops and the lush park lawns beckon once again. If you're in town during the first warm weekend of the year, we recommend you visit Tempelhofer Freiheit park, and watch the scene of thousands of Berliners crammed on the grill-areas, enjoying the first barbecue of the season.

For those who like their outdoors to be calm, manicured and fitted out with holes for aiming little white balls at, check out our new golf feature and discover where you can play in and around Berlin. Some people who will shun the sunlight this season are the visitors of the international Gamesweek event, who'll spend their time trying out and discussing digital games.
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Berlin is regularly mentioned as Europe's party capital, and there are dozens of great clubs - from techno to indie - that attract thousands of partygoers each weekend. To make sense of the multitude of options, visit our (German-language) partner website, which has photos, reviews and other information about Berlin's vibrant nightlife scene.

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