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Festival: Gay Pride & CSD Parade

Festival: Gay Pride & CSD Parade
The original street may be part of New York City, but Berliners celebrate Christopher Street Day (CSD, June 21) as if the occasion were named after their famous gay English expatriat, Isherwood, who wrote his famously adapted Berlin Stories ('Cabaret') from his Nollendorfstraße apartment in Schöneberg.

Nowadays, roughly 500,000 celebrants throng the streets around Isherwood's digs in their thongs during the Lesbian & Gay City Festival (14-15 June), with several other events in the week after.

The festivities culminate with the protest march annex parade on 21 June from 12:00 to 17:00, looping from Kurfürstendamm via Nollendorfplatz to Tiergarten Park; this marks the anniversary of the 1969 uprising of queers against a police raid of the Stonewall bar on New York's Christopher Street.

Even scores of straight parents bring their kids to the street festival – the costumes and dancing will whip the pants off any cartoon show. Put your pride on, take some clothes off, and head to Schöneberg. See for the festival and and for parade details.

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