Berliner Dom

Berliner Dom
The fourth incarnation of this Protestant church dating from 1905 might not look as massive if the Stadtschloss were still standing across Unter den Linden (the GDR regime demolished the castle in 1951). The royal Hohenzollern dynasty worshipped and was buried here. The climb up to the dome's rim is forgiving, with broad staircases, side exhibit rooms and good views.

Admission €7/4.

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Berliner Dom Comments

  • Do not skip to visit Berliner Dom, probably the most beautiful cathedral in entire Germany.


Open 09:00-20:00, Sun 12:00-20:00.
Oct-March open until 19:00.


Am Lustgarten, Mitte


+49 30 20 26 91 36


Public transport:

S Hackescher MarktView in

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