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Our services directory lists everything possible that we think could be of use and which doesn't fit nicely elsewhere. Use the listings here when things go wrong and you need to find a doctor or embassy, or when you've become so smitten with Kraków that you've decided to relocate here permanently. Whether a traveller or expat, we hope you'll find these listings helpful.

Kraków 24hr Pharmacies

Kraków 24hr Shops


Business Associations

Computer Repair

Consulates & Embassies in Kraków

Local Currency Exchange

Currency exchange offices ('Kantor') are easy to find in Kraków, but as with any international destination, it's imperative to check the rates to ensure you aren't getting fleeced. The general rule is you should never change your money at city entry points, particularly at the airport where the rates are almost criminal. To help put your mind and your wallet at ease, we've vetted them for you and assembled a list of well-located exchange offices that won't rip you off, and don't take a commission. In Kraków's Old Town, you'll find kantors all along ul. Floriańska (C-2/3), but it's two streets over on ul. Sławkowska (C-2) that you'll find better, more competitive prices - this is the best place to go rate hunting near the market square.

Kraków Dentists

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Kraków International Schools

Kraków Internet Cafes

Internet access is typically free and widely available in Poland, with practically every café and restaurant offering wi-fi to customers with laptops and smartphones. Getting on the network often requires nothing more than a password, which you can request of your favourite bartender or barista with a simple, “Poproszę o hasło do internetu?” If you don't have your own gadgets we offer a few Internet cafe options below.

Kraków Language Schools


Local Government

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Kraków Post Offices

Private Clinics in Kraków

Kraków Real Estate

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Relocation Companies

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Translators & Interpreters

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