Paul Stradin Museum of the History of Medicine [P. Stradiņa medicīnas vēstures muzejs]

Paul Stradin Museum of the History of Medicine
Named in honour of the Latvian physician Pauls Stradiņš, this fascinating museum traces the medical practice throughout the ages. View straight jackets, old medical equipment, a recreated 19th-century pharmacy and plaques warning of smallpox in a stately building overlooking the Kronvalda Park.

Admission: €2.13.

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Paul Stradin Museum of the History of Medicine Comments

  • hola me pasece muy interesante todo lo que se muestra en el museo
  • Hello,I am seeking for authorization to reproduce in an article to be published the painting of Elie Metchnikoff by his wife Olga that is in Paul Stradin Museum.Thank you for your response.Yours sincerely,Prof. Jean-Marc CavaillonInstitut Pasteur, Paris, France


Open 11:00-17:00, Thu 11:00-19:00. Closed Mon, Sun.


Antonijas 1


(+371) 67 22 26 65


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