Vilnius In Your Pocket

Lithuania's splendiferous autumn makes this one of the best times of year to visit Vilnius. The leafy hills around the Old Town are painted in every shade and tourists, residents and students alike are strolling through the city's parks, venturing into the rolling countryside that surrounds the city, or visiting lakeside towns and villages like Trakai with its fairytale Island Castle.

With every passing year Vilnius becomes more enticing, its labyrinthine Old Town’s cobblestone lanes and courtyards echoing with the buzz of a European capital with its very own distinctive ambiance that’s so hard to put into words.

We advise you to just feel it and enjoy it.

We have been plodding, lurking and gazing around town for more than 20 years now, watching once colourless ruins and dodgy districts evolve into twisting pastel-shaded rows of houses offering fascinating and individual shops, cafés, wine and beer bars, great restaurants and other places to while away your hard-earned spare time. After all these years, the city now is exciting as it’s ever been, whatever the season.

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