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Finally! A new season of summer dawns. Here in chilly northeastern Europe, on the edge of the steppes, the interminable winter months can seem impenetrable, even in this era of global warming. So the sight of the first leaves and buds on the trees can feel like a miracle. It’s time to shed our clothes and find the nearest outdoor terrace, for dining and imbibing, chatting about the weather and clinking glasses to toast our health surviving another brutal Baltic winter.

Thankfully there are plenty of tables to choose from in Vilnius, as virtually every restaurants, pub, café, bar and club has outdoor seating. Most of the chairs and benches have views of cobblestone streets, church spires, echoing courtyards, attractive or intriguing passers-by, rooftops, gardens or burbling streams, helping to make this time of year an unforgettable experience, whether you’re in company or alone. If you happen to be on your own, read one of the features in this issue to pass the time and order a beer, a glass of wine or a shot of vodka. Or all three. You’ll be surprised at how much warmer the city feels.

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