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Lodz Restaurants

Eating in Łódź can be a game of Russian Roulette, with the city offering everything from gastronomic excellence to food poisoning. Perils and pratfalls await at every turn. The figures we list in brackets denote the price of the cheapest and most expensive main course, though these are subject to change. Likewise opening hours; if a dining room is busy expect the chef to labour into the night. By the same rule expect bolted doors if it’s been a quiet day.

Here are a few suggestions depending on what you are looking for:

Splurge – We’re fans of the Grand Hotel’s Malinowa restaurant because the experience here is unmatched and it’s just the place to secure that important deal.

Exotic – Try Delight in the Andels for racy fusion cuisine the like of which hasn’t been seen in Lodz before. Centrally located Istanbul Tajmahal has upgraded from kebabs to a large menu of Turkish and Indian cuisine.  For Jewish-style food then Anatewka, a legend on the local gastro ladder.

For Indian, Ganesh is ace and now has a location at Manufaktura to boot.

Kids  You'll have to trot out of town a bit but Złota Kaczka is worth the effort as this Chinese restaurant has a kids menu and an indoor playground to keep the wee ones happy. 

Couples – We love Four Colors and aside from offering a knock-dead menu the venue itself is a true dating environment. And what is more romantic than sharing some fresh mediteranean seafood? That's why Kamari gets our vote for a dreamy date spot for two. Nothing says I love you like lobster!

Lads The Irish Pub promises a tasty T-bone when you need to line your stomach in advance of many pints while Byk Burger Grill & Restaurante serves up heaps of well, red meats and plenty of beers to wash them down with. 

Local – Just check out our Polish section and take your pick, although many are flocking to celebrity chef Magda Gessler’s Polka restaurant at Manufaktura. Cud Miód sets the scene with massive helpings of Polish staples that would make your grandmother proud. 

Cheap –  Breadnia has breakfast that easily comes in under 10zl and will hold you all morning. And Bystro is your best bet for affordable lunch sets during the week. 

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