When the uniformed guard opens the peep-hole to this theme café/restaurant and says “Slava Ukraini” (Glory to Ukraine), that’s your cue to respond “Heroyam slava” (Glory to its heroes). This was the greeting used by soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) as they waged guerrilla war against the Nazis, Poles and Soviet Union from 1943-49. It’s also your ticket past the guard. Once inside, you’ll find a fascinating and jovial bunker complete with grenades, rifles and other military antiques. Just as the UPA was immensely popular in Lviv, so is this eatery dedicated to the memory of their sacrifice. Tables can be scarce, so book ahead. Traditional Ukrainian dishes and spirits add to what is certain to be a lasting memory of your visit to Lviv.



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(+380) 322 54 61 18



Open 24hrs.


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Ivan Kuchpil
Curitiba, Brazil
Local aprazível e diferente! A entrada para o recinto é um CERIMONIAL a parte!
It is very nice place to go, and if you know someone to explain history of Ukraine you would enjoy it even more.FOOD IS DELICIOUS :)
This restaurant makes light of a very controversial and brutal aspect of 20th century Western Ukrainian history. The authors of Lviv in Your Pocket would be well advised to acquaint themselves a bit more thoroughly with the UPA, its underlying philosophy and activities. The parent organization of the UPA, the OUN, had a history of collaboration with the Nazis. More than a few of its adherents aided the Germans in conducting the final solution in Ukraine in 1941-1942. After some of its elements aided the Germans in exterminating the Jews, the UPA initiated the ethnic cleansing of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia in 1943-1944, brutally murdering around 100,000 Polish civilians from infants to the elderly. It was equally ruthless to Ukrainians who were either married to Poles or caught aiding them during the ethnic cleansing campaign. In 1944 it began a partisan effort against the Soviets which it ultimately lost in the late 1940's. The idea of sacrifice is definitely in the eye of the beholder as concerns the UPA. More than anything, this restaurant highlights the extremes of historical denial that plague Western Ukrainian collective memory as concerns their 20th century history.
Funny place that glorifies fascist war criminals who slaughtered (literally with knives,axes and every other funny thing) thousands of men, women and children. Even names of meals refer to those crimes and criminals. So if you find fun in eating tripe from a Pole - enjoy and bon appetit, but think if would eat with good taste a meal called for example tripe from a Jew in some hypothetical restaurant with funny name "Gas Chamber" in today's Germany.
United Kingdom, Bristol
Great spot and wonderful time spent there with Maryjanek and Pavlyk. Highly recommended!
it's a fun experience. Expect a noisey place so no dialogues here and book well in advance (recommended to find a native speaker to do so).Do try the odd snacks such as fried pigs noses (delicious).
A wonderful place that had a fantastic atmosphere. Something unique and different, but not to be missed. All in good fun.
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