Armagh City

Armagh City
Armagh is Ireland's oldest city and its ecclesiastical capital, with the spires of St. Patrick's Church of Ireland and Catholic Cathedrals dominating the skyline.

Patrick built his first church on the site of the Church of Ireland Cathedral way back in 445AD and declared Armagh the home of Christianity in Ireland.

The Catholic Cathedral's site was said to be chosen prophetically when our saintly hero saved a fawn from capture and carried it to safety on the hill.

Todays Armagh retains strong religious links and is also a city of historical monuments, museums and heritage sites.

Striking Georgian buildings overlook the emerald green Mall and nearby winding streets reveal cute cafes and shops as well as many high street names.

Find out more about the city's Palace Stables, St. Patrick's Trian, Navan Centre, Armagh Museum, Planetarium and other Orchard County attractions by getting in touch with the Tourist Information Centre.

A great daytrip option.

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Armagh TIC, 40 English St, Co. Armagh


(+44)(0)28 3752 1800

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