Down County Museum

Down County Museum
Once the Gaol of Co. Down (1796-1830), this revamped gem of a museum delivers a fascinating mini Alcatraz-style glimpse into its precarious past.

Stories of petty thieves, rebellious United Irishmen and convicts bound for New South Wales are recalled in the cramped cells they once inhabited.

And outside, the meticulously restored white stones walls and cobbled courtyard provide a dramatic backdrop for seasonal events and re-enactments.

A second building houses exhibitions spanning 9000 years of Co. Down history and the life of St. Patrick whose grave is a short uphill stroll away in the grounds of Down Cathedral.

Free admission however, there is a charge for some special events and guided tours. check out the website for more info

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Open 10:00-17:00, Sat, Sun 13:00-17:00.


The Mall, English St, Downpatrick, Co. Down


(+44)(0)28 4461 5218


Guarded parking Facilities for disabled Child-friendly

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