Co. Londonderry (Dhoire)

Co. Londonderry (Dhoire)Derry Coat Of Arms
Derry, Londonderry – call it what you will, this is one county that's renowned for its art, culture and the hospitality of its people.

We love Derry. We also love Londonderry and, whatever you decide to name it, we're pretty certain that you're going to love it too.

If it's scenery you're after, take a trip to Sawel Mountain (part of the Sperrin Mountains) which dominates the southern part of the county.

You can also follow the sweeping valleys to the Bann and Foyle rivers – bring along your camera and, with the imposing, awe-inspiring landscape, you'll be able to take the kind of photographs you can proudly frame and call your own.

If you're a history buff, check out the well-preserved 17th-century city walls of Derry and the National Trust-owned Plantation estate at Springhill.

So if you're after cosmopolitan comforts in the city or the natural beauty of the great outdoors – Derry/Londonderry will deliver on all accounts.

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