Miss Moran's

In a world where smoking is a no-no, isn't it good to know a seriously traditional tobacco shop such as this still exists? A veritable Belfast institution, Miss Moran's is a mini-museum filled with hand-rolled cigars, snuffs, tobaccos and pipes. If you haven't started, don't. If you have, indulge.

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Miss Moran's Comments

  • Visited here today for advice as a new pipe smoker. It wasn't very welcoming at first but as I asked questions the staff became more friendly. Big profit is not what they are after because they stopped me spending needlessly. I bought a cheap pipe and cleaners and took the blokes advice on which tobacco to start with. Had a couple of smokes since and really enjoyed . This place is great if you are prepared to take time and listen to advice. Probably no good if you just want them to give you advice without you asking the questions. Will be using yhis littlegem again.
  • Most unfriendly shop I ever visit by far. Nowhere else comes even close. Make a bit of an effort for Gods sake. Customers deserves a bit of friendliness
  • The weekend shop somewhat isn't the same shop it was when the two older fellas ran it... But the fella in now isn't rude he's either bored or that's just the way he is. Walked in last year and he helped me and explained a few different things.. Don't go in expecting song and dance because you bought anything... Sadly
  • Absolute crap service. Very unfriendly and hopefully on its last legs as an establishment. Wife brought bback faulty zig zig zag tin for replacement and it was refused. I also find staff unhelpful and even getting a simple thank you is painful for staff. Avoid.
  • up there with my favourite places in Belfast discovered this shop a few years ago as an art student and visit each time I am in town this place almost makes up for the smoking ban elsewhere!......enjoy.
  • Just found this place last week. Fantastic shop for the budding cigar enthusiast. I agree with Patricks comment I was served by an older lady who was very dull and put me off a little. I will be back though.
  • I am a cigar, cigerette and pipe smoker and I purchase all my supplies from this shop and I am not satisfied with the older lady who serves sometimes, no matter how nice I am to her she is still a dull and drery person to be frank and this type of attitude is not good for business.
  • I stumbled across this place at xmas, absolute jem.I thought I was the only person left on this planet that enjoyed a good smoke!Lots of cigar nurdes like me in the shop too.chap behind the counter knew his snuff sorry stuff.Thank goodness to see old traditions holding up.Will be back next visit to belfast.kein m.
  • Great range of tobacco products, liked it better before the two women took over a number of years back though.
  • very good and classy, Proper old style belfast. Thw owner are nice people and full of information.


Open 08:30 - 17:30. Closed Sun.


4 Church Lane, off High St


(+44) (0)28 9024 6826

City centre location

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