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Troubles Tourism

Troubles Tourism
A trip to Belfast and N. Ireland isn't without its curiosity value. We're talking 'The Troubles' - that quaintly named period of our history from the late '60s to the 1998 Good Friday Agreement when political conflict was at its height.

Those dark days have certainly dimmed, and todays tourists see a new Belfast and N. Ireland emerge from that contentious past. While the vast majority embraces peace and looks to a better future, what remains of those days for our history hungry visitor?

To keep you on the right track, click on these links to find out how you can discover more about our recent past:

Scrawl on the Peace Walls

Photograph the Murals

Take a Political Walking Tour or Black Taxi Tour

Head to the Shankill and Falls Roads via open top tour bus

Visit the Ulster Museum's section on the NI Troubles, with black and white photographs and moving images. 

Delve into the political archives at the Linen Hall Library and Belfast Exposed.

See and buy photographs from the era at the Red Barn Gallery.

Sashay up the steps of Stormont Parliament Buildings.

Explore Nationalist Milltown and predominantly Unionist Roselawn cemeteries. The former has a memorial to the Hunger Strikers who are buried there. The latter has graves of police and prison officers, and victims of the Troubles.

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  • john - 24 March 2015
    "Those dark days have certainly dimmed" that's not even a mixed metaphor ;) it's just daft

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