West Belfast & Shankill

In a part of Belfast where two cultures collide, tourism bodies have worked together to revitalise the area and make it visitor-friendly. Lots of tourists want to see for themselves the recent political history of this divided city and, in doing so, are often surprised at just how close these two communities sit: the Unionist Shankill and Nationalist Falls side-by-side, divided only by a Peace Line.

Open-top buses take a whirlwind tour along both roads pointing out wall murals, memorials and other 'Troubles'-related sights. Passengers are also invited to hop off and see at close hand what each community has to offer. Many don't bother, perhaps unaware of what's out there, which is a real shame because there's a lot more to West Belfast than meets the transitory eye.

With both sides making such a concerted effort to attract visitors to their part of the city, it's worth taking time out from the main attractions to explore these vibrant streets and everything they have to offer. So hop off, meet the locals and go explore West Belfast's Shankill and Falls Roads. It could be the most enlightening day out you'll have.

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