Central Station

Central Station
Refurbished in 2003, the Central Station is a fine first impression for passengers arriving from Ireland. All major destinations are served including Derry and Dublin (the latter around a 2hr journey on the flagship Enterprise service). Facilities include ATMs dispensing euros and sterling, cafe, small shop, baby changing facilities, taxi rank, disabled access, but no left luggage. Hold onto your rail ticket for a free bus ride into town by catching any Metro service outside the main station entrance. If you'd prefer to stroll, turn left outside the main entrance and take a downhill 5min walk into the city centre.

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Central Station Comments

  • Central Station Carpark have confirmed the cost will be £5 per day and an additional £3.50 for each day after that – discount included.
  • so if im travelling to dublin via enterprise and park for just over 24hrs at car park it will cost me £9 because of the 50% discount?
  • Translink website is pretty useless for info full stop. The email address that is supplied to submit any enquiries garners no response whatsoever. Their phone number just rings and rings and rings. Hey, it's NI, customer service is rubbish here, no matter where you go.
  • To G Teer - Overnight parking at Central Station costs £12 for 8-24hrs and £18 for 24hrs and over. If travelling by rail, show your ticket to get 50% discount on all prices.
  • Wanted to find out how much it costs to park a car at central station overnight. No information given on this website.
  • Check www.translink.co.uk or call +44 (0)28 9066 6630 for all the latest travel information.
  • can't find the info on train travel!


47 East Bridge St


+44 (0)28 9066 6630



Restaurant Wi-fi City centre location Guarded parking

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