Once Katowice's most modern edifice, Altus began the Silesian capital's post-communist march to modernity, and at 27 stories and 125 metres tall was until recently the tallest building in all of southern PL (now completely eclipsed by Wrocław's 225m Sky Tower). A thoroughly unique culture, entertainment, business and retail centre all contained in one glittering package, within Altus' 69,000 square metres you'll find a diverse range of ways to spend a typically dreary day in Silesia; in fact, with one of the best hotels in town (Qubus Prestige) occupying the upper floors, it's conceivable you could spend your entire trip to Kato within the Altus confines.

Home to a cinema (Planet Cinema), fitness centre, casino, atrium gallery and several fine restaurants (Via Toscana, Kyoto Sushi), Altus also contains a plethora of retail boutiques and salons (including an Apple Macintosh service store), banks, cafes a 24hr fitness club (Get-Fit) and a rooftop bar with views of that incredible city you'll be perfectly content to miss. The complex is so vast they even have superfluous space leftover for offices and conference facilities. Serviced by an underground parking lot with 566 spaces, there's even a car wash. Now that's thorough.

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Open 10:00 - 20:00, Sun 10:00 - 18:00.


ul. Uniwersytecka 13


(+48) 32 603 00 14

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