Mostowa Art Cafe

Mostowa Art Cafe

This seemingly nondescript gallery/cafe/bar is the linchpin in a raft of new venues that have turned this quiet street between Plac Wolnica and the pedestrian bridge to Podgórze into one of the hippest places to hang out these days. In warm weather the small interior of white walls dressed in the underwhelming art canvases of the month spills out onto the sidewalk as young people compete for a place to pass the time drinking delicious microbrews and homemade vodkas served out of a tiny fridge. Goes to show, it doesn't take much, and whatever it is - this place has it. If you don't know, now you know, hipster.

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Mostowa Art Cafe Comments

  • The homemade Pigwówka is dangerously good. All the vodkas we sampled were, which makes it a problem to stop trying them...


Open 12:00 - 22:00, Fri 12:00 - 24:00, Sat 11:00 - 24:00, Sun 11:00 - 22:00.


ul. Mostowa 8


(+48) 730 48 04 77


Wi-fi Outside seating Facilities for disabled Non-smoking

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