Polish Snacks & Shots

Polish Snacks & ShotsCold pickled herring with onions (śledź). Yum?

A very Polish phenomenon that has swept the country in recent years is the 24-hour snack and shot bar. Known locally as 'Zakąski Przekąski' (literally 'Appetisers & Snacks'), or 'Polish Tapas' as it's been dubbed by some, these trendy, formulaic budget bars cash in on communist nostalgia and the appeal of low prices by offering a small selection of simple, local appetisers (typically served cold) for about 8zł each, with drinks typically fixed at 4zł. Familiar as the bar food of the lean communist years, the menu reads like a list of correct answers to the Jeopardy category 'Foods That Go With Vodka' and typically includes śledź (pickled herring in oil), galaretka (pig trotters in jelly), kiełbasa (sausage), pierogi, pickles and tartare. Much like a milk bar with a liquor license, Zakąski Przekąski bars offer budget food and drink late night and are a great place to meet the city's strangest characters. We list the best in Kraków below:

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