Existing primarily to catch the run-off from other area clubs at about 5:00am (you can disregard the opening times we list), if you find yourself in DeCafencja you've truly gone the distance and deserve congratulations (and maybe just one more beer) if you're still standing. A one-room affair with temperatures reaching microwave levels, it certainly does nothing to deter creatures of the night from cramming in between the sidewalk giveaways that go for furniture. Here you'll find all manner of characters to engage in drunken banter or desperate flirting; keep your hand on your beer and your butt on the barstool and you're doing better than most. A sordid, laughable, yet lovable local institution.

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Open 13:00-05:00, Sun 15:00-05:00.


ul. Sławkowska 4


(+48) 12 341 41 37

Wi-fi Facilities for disabled Non-smoking

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