Cień [Shadow]

One of Kraków's best clubs for ten years running, a recent refurb has Cień looking sharp as ever with new leather upholstery and the latest in club lighting. With top DJs doling it out over two dancefloors, Cień is a wet dream for foreign lads weaned on commercial house music and enjoying favourable exchange rates while being fawned over by bombshell blondes who make a sport of their sex appeal. It may be all smoke, mirrors and false phone numbers under the interrogation lamp of the dawn, but witness yourself scrambling back for more. More posturing than truly exclusive, as long as you've made the effort to look the part and can stand up straight, your impatience with the door queue is probably the most likely thing to keep you out of Cień's ultra-modern medieval cellars.

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Cień Comments

  • Maybe this club need a good Dj from Lithuania? If yes send me mail kornezz@yahoo.comWaiting! )
  • Very fake place & girls. Bad reception at entry.
  • it is a place where the girls wear 5 kgs of makeup each one, they are fake and just very few speak any english at all.they come just to show off
  • Is one of the best club, nice place and music....


Open 22:30 - 06:00. Closed Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun.


ul. Św. Jana 15


(+48) 12 422 21 77


Wi-fi Smoking place

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