Cocon Music Club

Cocon has been running under the radar for almost a decade, building steam and a solid reputation for outrageous parties while maintaining a safe, friendly atmosphere. Kraków's biggest, brashest gay club, there's no avoiding the dance floor here where upon entering the door a sea of writhing bodies separates you from any intentions you might have of getting a drink at one of the three bars. Indiscretions take place in the dim lighting of two side rooms, campy karaoke every Thursday, and wild disco dance parties into the wee hours on Friday and Saturday nights, but the party promptly and unapologetically stops when management has had enough. Entrance 10zł on Sat, free otherwise.

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  • Looking for some hot gay fun in Poland? I'm up for anything, anytime. Adam Nizienski 1 Seminaryjska 25-365 Kielce Poland +48 600 831 334


Open 21:00 - 05:00. Closed Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun.


ul. Gazowa 21


(+48) 12 632 22 96


Facilities for disabled Smoking place Air-conditioning

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