Kraków’s moved on, but Hawełka hasn’t. If you want to experience the Kraków of olde, this enduring, achingly formal holdover is the place to do it, just like Queen Elisabeth II, the King of Greece and numerous Austro-Hungarian Archdukes before them did at one time. The menu is an encyclopaedic choice of traditional Polish game and fish dishes served without interruption or reinvention since 1876, and the dining room is a very green (popular colour in those days) trip back to the turn of the 20th century with a reproduction of Jan Matejko's massive 'Prussian Homage' looming over the proceedings - perhaps the only inauthentic thing about having a meal in this legendary local institution. 


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Hawełka Comments

  • They also have the most devine merangues in the outside shop.
  • this was a great choice I had their Golaka which reminded me of my grandmothers which I hadn't had in a long time one other thing that was nice I tried to leave our waitress a fair tip which she informed me was way to much by polish standards..when was the last time this happened to you !!! Great food great price a must do while in town !
  • I have to disagree with the official review. I eat in fine restaurants around the world and when I come to Poland, I want to eat Polish food. I always bring friends to Hawelka for a fabulous experience of traditional Polish food. Always a friendly greeting, impeccable formal service and fine food. A dependable introduction to classic Krakow and classic Polish cuisine. My only regret - that they took the Hawelka Pearls (sweet prunes wrapped in thin crispy bacon) off the starter menu. Try the mixed pierogi (a sort of ravioli style dish but better) and the veal with chanterel mushroom sauce -gorgeous. So if you want the latest 21st century gastronomic chemistry lesseon go elsewhere, but Hawleka's been around for over a century and provided they don't change with the times, they will still be here in another 100 years!I give Hawelka 5 stars - well done
  • Instead of seafood or game, try the mushroom soup that comes served in a hollowed out loaf of bread. They were serving it at the Hawelka as of a year/two years ago, so if it's still on the menu, it's a fun treat,and something that I haven't seen anywhere else (although it may well be served in other restaurants). And what could be more Polish than mushroom soup and dense bread?


Open 11:00 - 23:00.


Rynek Główny 34


(+48) 12 422 06 31



Wi-fi Dogs Allowed Takeaway Outside seating Smoking place

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