A cheap and cheerful vegetarian/vegan restaurant churning out plates of brown rice, organic vegetable mashes, a good choice of salads, a few Indian and Asian dishes and even kimchee. Popular with left-leaning schoolteachers, the wacky backpacker set and people that refuse to stop smiling, Momo’s prices remain ludicrously cheap and the food is both healthy and worth coming back for. Try the excellent spicy sambar soup and don't forget to smother your food with their coveted peanut sauce.


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Momo Comments

  • probably the best chai tea in Kraków but be aware that it takes them a long time to brew it so don't order it if you don't have time to enjoy it.
  • Our favorite for vegetarian. Has an old school Berkley vibe.
  • We ate at Momo's four times during our week stay in Krakow. The food was excellent quality and value, the staff very helpful. English menu provide. Go try it. Highly recommended.
  • I ate at Momo's many times in November 2003. I loved it there, the food, the staff, the simplicity.


Open 11:00 - 20:00.


ul. Dietla 49


(+48) 609 68 57 75

Dogs Allowed Takeaway Facilities for disabled Non-smoking

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