Alcohol & Tobacco

Alcohol & TobaccoPolish microbrews stock the shelves in Regionalne Alkohole.
Nothing says, 'I've been to Poland' like a suitcase of vodka (and maybe a dodgy moustache). The Poles have been distilling and draining vodka since the early Middle Ages, and Poland can make a legitimate claim as the spirit's primordial homeland. As such, you should put it at the top of your souvenir list, even if it's not to your taste. You can't walk a block in this city without passing a church and an alcohol shop, so you've you​r choice of temples. Belvedere and Chopin are the elite brands you'll find in fancy gift sets, but don't miss Żubrówka (bison grass vodka), Krupnik (herbal honey vodka) and Żołądkowa Gorzka (bitter stomach vodka). That's quite a shopping list.

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