Bonarka City Center

Bonarka City Center is home to 91,000 square metres of retail space with 270 shops including Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Komputronik and 267 others, 25 restaurants and cafes, the largest cinema complex in the city and 3,200 free parking spaces. Built on the site of a former chemical plant - the iconic smokestack of which remains - the heart of this 'city within a city' features eight two-storey palm trees flanking a fountain under a glass ceiling. To reach this commercial Xanadu, take buses 144, 173, 179 or 184 getting off at the 'Bonarka' stop.

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Bonarka City Center Comments

  • I will go there tomorow. I am so excited, and I belive, that will be nice ;-)


Open 10:00 - 21:00.


ul. Kamieńskiego 11 (Podgórze)


(+48) 12 298 60 00


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