Jan Matejko Manor House [Dworek Jana Matejki]

Jan Matejko Manor House

Located in Krzesławice - a charming village hidden just one street behind Nowa Huta’s artificial lake, here you’ll find the small manor house with a wood shingle roof once used as a workshop by Poland’s greatest 19th century painter, Jan Matejko. Though seemingly ironic today, this is where the artist went to escape the crude haste of life in Kraków. First inhabited by Hugo Kołłątaj - an eminent Enlightenment political activist who co-penned Poland’s constitution (the first in Europe), Matejko purchased the manor in 1876 adding on the porch and the extension which would house his workshop. Inside guests will see Matejko’s famous ‘Gallery of Polish Kings’ as well as many illustrations, everyday items and period furniture. Groups should arrange visits in advance by calling tel. 501 45 12 52 if the main number fails. Next door is the wooden Church of St. John the Baptist - also worth seeing.

Admission 10/5zł.

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Jan Matejko Manor House Comments

  • Though most tourist maps show Jan Matejko's house accessed by a wooded trail behind the playground at Nowa Huta Lake, this path has been blocked by a locked gate which the locals react by easily climbing over. When we did as well we were instantly stopped by the police who, admitting the gate's presence was mindless, didn't give us much of a hard time.


Open 10:00 - 14:00. Closed Mon, Sun.


ul. Wańkowicza 25


(+48) 12 644 56 74

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