The official tourist info office run by the city of Kraków, with four other locations around the Old Town: ul. Św. Jana 2, ul. Szpitalna 25, ul. Powiśle 11 and Pl. Wszystkich Świętych 2 (Wyspiański Pavilion).

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  • Boy, these tourist offices would be a lot better if they distributed free In Your Pocket guides...
  • Considering the amount of tourists that descend on Krakow each year and the reliance Krakow has regarding the revenue its a complete surprise to find out that the main railway station has no interpreters on hand !! I was amazed at the amount of English spoken around the city even the buses provide English options. One of the best holidays I have ever had .....look forward to returning soon
  • Question: When do the vendors sell products in the cloth hall? Months, hours and days of operation please, if you know. Would like to visit Krakow again, and that was a high point to our visit!


Open 09:00 -19:00.


Rynek Główny 1/3 (Cloth Hall)


(+48) 12 433 73 10


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