The Wawel Chakra

The Wawel Chakra
One of Wawel’s most well-known, but officially unendorsed legends is that of the fabled chakra stone. A chakra, fyi, is a natural energy point or centre of consciousness found in every living being, as believed in the religious, spiritual and yogic traditions of India, China, and independent groups in the West. According to chakra doctrine, there are seven chakra points on the body corresponding with the seven sacred stones the Hindu deity Shiva flung across the earth as a gift to mankind. Those seven stones just so happened to land in some of the most important spiritual centres on earth, namely Rome, Mecca, Delhi, Delphi, Jerusalem, Velehrad (CZ, must have been bad aim) and – what do you know? – the northwestern corner of Wawel’s immaculate courtyard. At least that’s awhere believers claim to have felt its cosmic energy the strongest. Most believers simply place their hands against the supposed energy source, though some have gone so far as to stand on their heads with back, palms and heels pressed against it leaving oily smudges on the wall that reveal its location to the uninitiated (when you enter the courtyard, turn left and make for the corner). Doing such today won’t earn you much sympathy from the Castle staff who consider the legend a nuisance and have done everything they can to deflect attention away from Wawel’s famous corner, including putting up a sign asking people to refrain from touching it (that obviously didn’t work), roping it off, putting museum exhibits over top of it and having a guard stand nearby as was the case during our last visit. Wawel tour guides are stricken from speaking about the chakra stone, as you’ll quickly learn if you broach the topic with one. Still don’t let that stop you from getting your chakra on.

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The Wawel Chakra Comments

  • I had no idea what the fuss was, but I went in the corner and felt this amazing vibration that disappeared when I stepped away. What it was, I can't tell you, but it was cool.

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